Is it normal to "lose chemistry" with someone after a fight? How do you go back to normal?

I was dating this girl for 2 months and we got into an argument and completely stopped talking for 2 weeks straight.

Now we're talking again, as just friends, and we dont talk the same anymore. We went from talking all day every day to like 5 texts a day

Also whenever i think of texting her and tryna make conversation, my mind is literally blank.

What do i do? i'd like to just talk as normal again. but my mind goes blank!


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  • Sounds broken. Don't force it. There's probably some residual anger on both sides. There's an equal chance of it coming back or it being gone altogether.

    • Residual anger meaning like subconscious anger?

      And what should i be doing honestly?

    • Did you completely resolve the issue behind the argument? Are all the bad feelings over that gone? Bad feelings = residual anger.

      Just be sweet. If there's anything you want to share with her, don't hold back. If you want to say it feels weird and it's making you sad, say it. You guys didn't talk for two weeks... that's like 25% of how long your relationship was. Either talk now or give it up

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  • You're trying to force back chemistry that happened naturally. Relax when you're around her and just be natural. Either it will happen or it won't.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's probably over.

    • Why is it usually just... over?

    • Sorry, this is experience talking. It doesn't have to be that way but it likely is. I'll try to explain.

      You had chemistry form under unique circumstances that can't be repeated exactly. Once it is broken it will have to re-form in some new way that gets you back to where you started, but it would have to be an equally unique experience that gets you back to at least the level of rapport you had the first time. It's not impossible and if there's a deep loving commitment on both sides you can work your way back toward each other. But if there was no contact for two weeks, and now it is all changed and different, then you've probably at best been friend zoned. Give one try to recapture the magic but don't try to force it, and if she shuts you down then it's over. If so then cut contact or just live with the hurt.

    • here's the thing, and thank you for your answer: I honestly dont mind being just friends with her, and would like to go back to that. I've moved on and met new girls, i just enjoyed talking to this girl too because we had a lot in common.

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  • There can be depending on how bad the fight is.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If You Have Nothing To Say Then iSuggest Leaving Her Alone, If She Doesn't Seem To Want To Initiate Contact Then You Have To Just Accept A Friend Is Lost...


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