My ex won't even look at me?

We dated almost two years and lived and worked together. We were in a rough patch (mostly because of money issues) When his grandpa died. Then he dumped me. It's been four months and we finally decided to sweep everything under the rug and be friends.

Then after a couple weeks of hanging out, he asks if maybe I'd want to "blow off some steam."
It may sound stupid, but I agreed to it. We discussed it first agreeing that it could help by relieving the leftover tension between us. So it happened but it didn't feel like it was nothing. He kissed me like he really meant it and all in all, it just seemed like old times. Then it was done. He was a little awkward about it after but we parted ways and didn't talk for a couple days.

When I saw him at work two days later, he was finding any and every excuse to talk to me. Not something I'm used to, he's a really quiet kind of guy. I was happy he wasn't being weird and we have continued to hang out, but he has slowly started to seem kind of distant near me. He doesn't really avoid me, but he will occasionally seem to be. On top of that, he seems to have trouble looking at me when he speaks to me. In fact, he avoids looking at me at all if he can help it. Yet he still hangs out with me often (though only with our one neutral friend present, he seems afraid to hang our with me alone).

Honestly, I still love him and he's aware of that, but I've told him I don't want him back right now anyway, I just want to be friends like he does. I've tried to be chill but he seems like something is on his mind and it's driving me crazy. Why does he seem to be afraid of something?


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  • he obviously still has feelings for you and feels sad and uncomfortable. guys often times, good guys at least, that feel they think they are not as good for u r something like that. they also have a hard time expressing their feelings at times because of fear of rejection. u should tell him how u feel and why things are the way they are.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Being Friends With Somebody That You Still Deeply Love Is Unhealthy, Cut All Contact Until Your Feelings Settle...

  • He is unsure of feelings, I guess. If he was in his right mind, he wouldn't be so complicated. Apparently, his love for you is still there. A man wouldn't try to be with his ex if he doesn't love her. Our natural reaction would be to ignore her completely, but this guy seems to still love you. Don't listen to his words, listen to his actions (Facial expressions, Body language, etc.)


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