Why would you delete your ex after 3 months?

I had my ex on snap chat and his name starts with 'a' so he's first, I totally forgot about him on snap chat and then today I realised he deleted me. I had him yesterday still. It's been 3 months, isn't it odd to delete someone after such a long period of time? I mean he broke up with me and I've forgotten about him


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Maybe Over Time He Thought The Relationship Could Come Back Together, Got Tired Of Waiting & Hoping So Now Decided To Let You Go Or He May Of Forgotten About It & Decided To Take You Off, Either Way iWouldnt Worry About It, Ignore It & Continue On With Life...

    • mhmmm you got a good point

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  • It's weird because you should have deleted each other immediately. Other than that, nah, he probably just now realized you were still on there and forgot about you being on there the same way you did. No biggie.

    • we probs still clung onto each other a bit emotionally, but i think we're both at the same stage of emotional detachment. i know im defs 90% over him, and he's obvs at the same pace, cause before we were opening each other snap chats (but this was at the beginning of the break up for like a week). its just so random like out of no where

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  • Lemmy tell you how this is gonna end.

    Him slamming you on bed and you know the aftermath.

    • i understood nothing you just said

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    • oh man now im scared... bet 5cents

    • You shouldn't be, Because this is scare tactics!

  • no its not
    forget about it

    • but its like after such a long period of time.. wouldn't you do it immediately?

    • i usually dont delete people, because my relationships dont end badly and most of them still want us to be friends
      if its a rare case where she doesn't wants to be friend i would still not delete her from the list because contacts are important for me and i wouldn't want myself regretting not having a way to contact her

    • yeah... i guess. but just odd i had him yesterday, and now he's gone. like 3 months later so odd

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  • i would delete him immediately after we broke up to give a clean cut

  • Its totally normal for him to delete you.

    • of course its normal, but like 3 months later? and after our breakup, i snapped him like twice but cause my thing goes to everyone so wasn't even intentional, and i never did it again... then 3 months later he's gone. so odd though i mean wouldn't you forget about your ex?

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