I've finally found the root to the problems of our relationship?

Okay, well we have been rocky almost the whole relationship and we thought it was because we had to change and adapt to each other. Not the case, we are both just completely different. We have different hobbies and interests, different priorities, different views on what we want life to be and how we want to get it that way, different hobbies, different preferences and completely different personalities. We hav nothing in common and we just clash all the time. He's just relaxed and talk about life as if it's some game and some fantasy, talking about selling weed to make money for our future!! He just lives in a fantasy. He's also quite agressive, like even when we are uptown, he'll start shouting an swearing and threats. Where as I keep myself to myself an I am doing entry to university to work in social services to go on to become a midwife and currently work in a nursery. I'm trying so hard and he just takes the piss all the time. And he always picks on me by saying I have no friends. I have no time for that because I see him at weekends and work late durin the week. Where as he is out everyday from about 12 till 12-1 in the morning and all he does is smokes weed? And he says I amnt interested in him? He doesn't have a job! He works the odd day or 2 through an agency! I don't know what to do, I love him. But I believe we just fell in love with the wrong people for us..


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, It's Best To Let This Relationship Go, To Save A Relationship, Both Sides Have To Give A Little, Sounds Like He Isn't Willing To Sacrifice Anything, Set Your Feelings Aside & Come To The Realization That This Guy Is Not Good For You, This Relationship Is Unhealthy & You Are Unhappy...

    • And he's going on a night out on Saturday so I asked him to keep in touch with me on Saturday because is be going out aswell and id be keeping my phone on and I'd give him a call and he could call me. But I got a message lastnight telling me that he has lost his phone and that he'll phone me off his house phone, but nope. No phone call.

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  • You Have Too Ask Yourself Who Do You Love More Yourself Or Hem? And Right Now It's Just Threats What If It Turns More Abusive? Tell Hem You Love Hem But He Needs Help & Until He Seeks This Help Then You Guys Are On A Break... Give Each Other Space , Give Hem Time To Think About What He Really Wants & Really Think About What He's About Lose


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  • yes he's not the right guy for you
    breakup with him before it gets out of control


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