Was it right what I did?

About a week ago my boyfriend broke up with me. We met in Spain, where i went to visit a friend, who happens to be his sister. When in Spain he was really sweet with me, a real gentleman i would say. Then we came back to our home country, unfortunately we live in different cities. I went to visit him for 3-4 days and that's when things got serious. We talked and he said that he doesn't want a long distance realationship because he has tried it and didn't work. I was hurt because i started to fall for him really hard but i accepted his decision. The next day, when i got back home i logged into Facebook and he had changed he's realationship status into "in realationship" with me. I messaged him saying that it was verry childish of him doing that, though we talked it through and everything was fine. A couple of days after that i went on a vacation. While there we used to have little fights every now and then but when i got back home the situation went downhill. We talked and he said that "i've changed" and that "i'm not the girl he used to know", that my behaviour pussed him away (while he was the one flirting with others) and that it was better this way before "i fall too much for him". The next day he texted me while he was drunk, even though hurt i responded. The next couple of days he continued texting me while yesterday he told me he misses me. My responds were verry cold and sometimes i didn't even reply so he had to message me again. Last night he texted me "Hi" i responded asking him why he keeps texting me when he broke up with me and he answered with "fine, i'll stop" then i messaged him "i think we should stop texting each other and not try to be friends for a while" then he said to me "fine, i delleted you from my friends list". My question here is , was it right what i did? I really like him but he acts like a total douche and i don't like the way he treats me. And why would he delete me?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, You Did Right, Delete Him From Your Life Cause He Is Playing Games, You Can Do Better, Cut All Contact So You Can Take Time Out To Self Heal. If He Tries To Come Back, Ignore Him, Trust Me It's Worth It...


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  • You totally did the right thing. Do not message him. He "said" he deleted you because he wad angry with ur text. It's a way for him to try and get the control. Don't message him again. I really wouldn't Be surprised if you hear from him again.


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  • So you like people who act like douches and treat you like shit?

    • Not really, i know that he treated me wrong, flirting with other girls and telling me some awful things but i can't stop liking him for a day , can i? Do you think it was right that i told him to stop messaging me and that he got angry so that's why he deleted me?

    • You just said in your question you really like him, but call him a douchebag and claim he treats you poorly.

      You are correct to cut him out of your life.

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