Why is he running away?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he doesn't wanna be in a long distance relationship anymore. He's being very negative saying that there's no hope for our relationship. And now he's making me feel like all this time that we've been together was a waste of time? I don't understand where all of this is coming from? He knows that all I wanna do is support him and that's why I'm not trying to pressure him but now he feels guilty and wants me to find someone better? Because according to him our relationship is not gonna end well. But yet he wants to keep me in his life and he said that he will always have feelings for me but nothing will change! I'm so confused. we're not talking to each other anymore because I told him to leave me alone.


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  • Long distance love is One of the Hardest Relationships that one could ever endure... I am an expert on this, Still having and to hold a husband I married out in Egypt 3 long years ago.
    It takes two special people, who are willing to sacrafice their lives And their time, and when it is only a One way street, it tends to go----Sour, and in another direction.
    I am Not going to sit here and accuse him off hand of finding someone, but I will say, he is Not Into this Long distance Anything, and is giving you HHints to forget him And----Move on. Yes, he may care enough to 'Wants to keep me in his life,' but that is just to say that it's friendship, nothing More, nothing less.
    You deserve better, sweetie, and for what you may find closure in, take it from one who knows----It's less trouble to have someone closer to you, who will even be closer in heart as well...
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • Yea I agree. It's just sad that he doesn't want anyone to get closer to him esp me because he thinks that I'm wasting my time! Maybe I am but for him to make me feel like nothing even mattered really bothers me. He almost told he loved me at one point. He's not used to having someone by his side he's used to getting left behind and not getting attached to anything and that's sad. He's very confused and I can't help him.

    • All well said and you know the truth, as hard as it is... Move on, I see someone far better, closer to home, with less Redrick for a girl great like yourself. xx

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  • he wants u as a security blanket. ur there until he finds someone new.


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