Tough love, and cold shoulder behaviour or is it over?

my boyfriend broke up with me, and I don't know what the reason is tho i asked him but he didn't reply ,

the day of the break up
" I called him and his phone was closed yet he was online on whatsapp
when i talked to him told him why ur phone is closed he said cause I blocked you , no phone calls from u anymore..
i don't know why he did that

maybe because he was busy and I tried to talk to him and he ignores?

now after the break up
I don't know what to do i've been calling him for a while and he gives me busy all the time

i send him texts but he ignores them all

the last words from him were I'M OFFICIALLY DONE

sent him a message saying if u want me to let it go and move on, find someone else at least i should know the reason why ur done?

i can't just stay away he's my first love and we've been together for six years

i really wanna know whats wrong
what should I do?

last time i saw him when we were together
i refused to have sex
but thats not a big reason to break up?

what should i do
i miss him
and he's an asshole but he's the love of my life
i was lucky to have him :(

should i stay away, maybe it's just the cold shoulder and some tough love or is he really done with me?


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  • You are better off without him. Don't you believe you deserve to be treated better? There are a million guys out there who would shower you with love and affection. Let him go. You're first love is seldom the one.


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