Is He Still Interested In Me?

I have been dating this guy for over 3 months now, and something seems a little off. It all started 2 weeks ago when my bf and I were getting it on and he came early. It was upsetting yeah but what was more aggravating was that he didn't want to do anything else afterward. I just let it go at the time and hoped it wouldn't happen again. Then a week later we got into a fight about him not letting me take him on a date and pay for that date. He kept making excuses for not going and not seeing me. 4 days went by until I contacted him to try to resolve everything. He said he wasn't at home so we spoke over the phone. I thought we worked things out and I have been texting him ever since but he's been really distant and moody. I've asked him out a few more times but he's still giving me excuses. Is he still interested in me or is he just depressed and moody? I mean I know performance is a big deal for men but it wasn't that big of a deal.


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  • Well you might want to ask him whats bugging him, and if he still wants to be with you. Because you two should be able to talk about this. If you can't there is going to be issues long run. Sometimes you finish early it happens, which means you go back, fool around more and do it again, and again and again. But I might be wrong about that.

    If he won't talk to you, then maybe you should break up with him.

    • I did ask him what's wrong and all he says is that he's tired. I also said that I need some kind of assurance that we are still on the same page, that we still want the same things. All he said to that was that it was way too heavy of a question to answer right then. I told him to take his time, but would he need a whole week to figure it out. Maybe I'm just being too impatient?

    • I think he is avoiding you because he is hoping you will just leave him alone. Honesly you a guys aren't little kids. And if you are in an adult relationship than you two can have an adult conversation. Honestly it sounds like he is trying to break up with you, with out telling you. Seriously find a guy who is mature enough to talk to you about whats in his head. If Im with someone, I tell them whats on my mind. I think its the height of rudeness when someone ignores things like that or gives non answers. If you can sleep with me, you can talk to me. If you aren't going to talk to me, then no more sex for you.

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  • Dont contact him for a couple of days, if he does then he's still interested if he doesn't then think about your realtionship again if its worth it.

  • I think you have done everything in your power to reassure him of your love. For now I think he is maybe feelding sorry for himself. If it was me in your shoes, this is what I would do.
    I would send one last text or call and tell him you love him, and when he wants to talk you will be there.
    The further you push him (for lack of a better word) the farther and more distant he may become.


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