Exgf responds quickly but doesn't initiate?

Dated for 3 years, never argued, enjoyed each other, lined up for a life together. Ended up breaking up bc I wanted to move out of state for a job (she could have the same job) while she chose not to bc she wanted to bc near her family.
Fast forward 5 months, she's talking to a new "friend", immediately responds to texts but doesn't initiate any convo.
Turns down chances to meet up bc she's working or doing something else, also says it would be wrong to the new guy to meet... Did meet once to grab some personal items, told me how good I looked , smelled great, and wanted to hug a lot. Also said she freaked out when she saw me with pics of another girl on Facebook

I'm basically moving back to town bc I think I choose wrong in life ----

Any thoughts on what's she's thinking, or how to go about restarting the relationship?
Does she just want to be text friends, can't let go, unsure of her feelings toward me, just being nice, bored and responding, or doing no contact ?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If She Is With A New Guy Then Back Off, Cut All Contact & Allow Your Feelings To Settle, In All Honesty Leave Her Alone, Move On & Be Happy...


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