A break up of a 5 year relationship. Is it hurting her as much as it is hurting me?

My girlfriend and I broke up after 5 years because thngs didn't work out, in fact, one of the things she said to me was that she did not have any more feelings for me and that she "outgrew me", she also said that she thinks she was with me because of the emotional attachment. I on the other hand thought I was wit her because I loved her but turns out that I was with her because the emotional attachment. Since we broke up it's been hurting a lot and I keep thinking about the company or best friend I always had there for me even though I am happy we ended things. Everyday I get sad and I miss her personality and how we used to talk or text all the time. My question is this, is it hurting her as much as it is hurting me or is it easier for her since she gets attention from guys all the time which makes it easier to forget about me? So far it looked like it only hurt her for 1 or 2 days. But now I feel like she's in a diff stage and can get through the day without missing me.


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  • Hmm.. I am more or less in the situation of your gf right now. I just haven't found the right words to leave him. I think, if someone decides to leave a 5 year relationship, this is a very conscious decision. Her saying, that she outgrew you, shows that she internally had already moved on and most probably needed freedom.
    I don't think, what you imagine right now, is happening to her. She is not going around with 100s of guys at her feet and she can just pick one and forget about you. A 5 year relationship is a big part of life (esp. at that age) and she will not forget and get over your special connection so soon. I bet she will have moments of loneliness and missing you, perhaps regretting and wondering what if.
    But usually a breakup is more hurtful of the person who did the "passive part", because she must have dealt with this situation long before she said those final words.


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  • Seeing as she says she has no feeling for you and she outgrew you are pretty strong words and phrases. I think it might hurt her from time to time but since she found the strength to tell you those things and get out of the relationship she found the strength to move on and focus on others.


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