I love you like a best friend?

Two years in a relationship and we ended it a couple of weeks. The only thing he said was that he loves me like a best friend. Is this true?


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  • We can't know if he's lying or not, only he knows that. But I can imagine that the love is more of a "loving a friend" than "loving a lover". He loves you as a friend, but not a girlfriend, so that bit of extra spark is missing.

    • I'm just wondering why best friend instead of a friend?

    • You had a relationship for two years, so your bond is closer, deeper than between two friends. He feels you're his best friend instead of just a friend.

  • I think he mean that! because I just break up with a guy that I'm seeing almost 1 year, he told me like that too and he explain he likes me more than friend but not quit to be a gf!


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