Should I moving forward or waiting when he get ready?

I been seeing this guy almost one year. we never talk about what is our situation. He treat me very nice likes a couple. He do everything same as the first time that we met. I know our situation likes open relationship because we promise each other at the first that, if who want to go on a date with other people we will tell each other. today he text me he will go on a date with a girl from online dating! WTF! I was shock! and we meet up after that. He told me just want to find the right one for him that he can get marry ( he's a bit older) and I asked him What about me? Can I be that person for you? He said he doesn't feel like I'm the right one for now, I'm a good and nice girl but he just feel that. We talked and decide to take a break for 2 months because he will go away to another country and when he back if we're still single we will talk about it again. He told me we still be a friend and be in touch because he don't want to completely stop seeing me too. I meant just for talking not for sex! He told me I'm not lose him anyway! should I move on or waiting for him? I do love him a lot! I don't know what should I do!


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  • I'm Not Saying Completely Move On But Give Yourself Some Options , Go On A Couple Dates & See How You Like It & If That Doesn't Work Out Then Wait On The Guy You Love , Trying Would Never Hurt It'll Just Give You Options , GoodLuck :)

    • thank so much! I hope I will feel better soon :) I just feel like I don't wanna lose him but I respect him too :)

    • You Welcome & You Will Soon , & Just Because You Two See Other People Don't Mean You Can't Still Be Friends , Maybe You Shouldn't Tell Hem About The Dates Unless One Goes Good That Way You Will Kind Of Ease Up On The Whole Idea

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  • Hmm, this is a tough one but I would only say date other people. You said it yourself you're not in an exclusive relationship and to me (from a male perspective) he's keeping his options open, in which case so should you really.

    Additionally the whole if in a year we're still single we can give it a shot seems disrespectful to me. It's saying if a bigger better option doesn't come through and I still need a relationship then I'll keep you around as the back up option. I know that's a harsh thing to say but I am just giving my blunt opinion here. Ask yourself this, if you REALLY liked someone would you say that to them?

    • Yah! I know, that's mean he really don't want to get exclusive with me and he will find the right one for him? That's mean I should move on! :) thanks for a guy opinion

  • Hi:) Seems you would already agree with the idea of you not meaning as much to him as he does to you in a love relationship.

    • Actaully I agree with all of opinion, but I just feel like Do I have one more chance to change his mind? I do really love him and I know it's more than his feeling with me! I don't want to lose him anyway! I know I should move on but I can't do it right now! I'm stuck with him :(

    • By not agreeing with this idea of you in an eventual love relationship with him, and letting him know that.^^

    • I already let him know! no more chance for me! I have to move on :)

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