What do I do if I want my ex boyfriend back?

We were best friends then became more than that for 2 years. I broke it off but it was so sudden and wasn't thought through. I haven't talk to him for awhile and I realised so much that the feeling of being with him makes me so happy to know that he is the one for me and I think he knows that also. What do I do now?


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  • All you can do is try talking to him. If he is currently dating someone, don't come in between that b/c you broke it off. But if he is single, call him and tell him you'd like to talk and meet somewhere. You only have two outcomes... he says yes or no. It will sting and suck if he says no, but you have to learn to be ok with that. But at this point it's just a "let's talk" kind of deal. Hope it works out. Good luck.

    • what will i say?

    • That's more specific to your feelings and y'all's situation. But generally speaking, just tell him how you made a bad decision without thinking and that you deeply care about him and love him, if you do, and that you would like to try the relationship again if he was interested. Apologize for putting him through the confusion, based on whatever reason y'all broke up, and say that you've had time to think about it and know in your heart that you want to be with him. You'll be putting yourself out there which will hurt if he says no, but you have to understand why he does and be able to be ok with.

  • Reach out to him and see if he's responsive.


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