My ex-girlfriend has anxiety, misses me and is generally upset with everything. What do I do?

Cutting a long story short - my ex girlfriend whom I was with for four-years ended out relationship seven-months ago due to external stresses and the fact that she didn't think she loved me anymore. Since then we have been going around in circles at least every two weeks for several-months.

Recently, she managed to call me (after me having blocked her), crying and explaining how she misses me, wants things to be how they were and doesn't want anything or anyone else.

However, she also states that she feels anxiety if she sees me and doesn't know how to fight it, but wants to spend a day with me and hopes that things will be okay so that we can talk etc.

I do still love her and want her back, for a better relationship this time around.

What should I do?


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  • All I have to say to that is don't let her guilt trip you with her weakness and anxiety excuses into something that isn't gonna work.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, iSuggest Moving On Cause She Left You For (My Opinion) A Terrible Excuse But To Get Her Back, Of Course You Know You Should Take Things Slow, iSuggest Just Talking To Her (Not Meeting Up At First.) Make Sure Whatever That Made The Relationship Rocky Is Now Resolved...


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  • Stay away sir, seriously. The girl is your ex for a reason, and she sounds crazy and emotionally unstable. Not a good or healthy combination.


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