HELP! is the"no contact rule" going to help me get him back or push him away even more considering im not talking to him? someone please help me out?

so im currently using the "no contact rule" to try to get him back. i cut off all communication for him. will the "no contact rule" make him wonder why i haven't contacted him and will make him reach out to me? or will he think "shes the one who left me, if anything she should be the one trying to contact me" keep in mind ( i finnaly had the balls to call it quits even tho i loved him so very much. he loved me back as well , but he changed for the worse all of ussuden so i left, he wouldn't care about me or calling me or how i felt or anything, he didn't even care that i let him all he said was he wishes me luck in life, when usually he would say no babe were gonna make it work) should i be feeling happy cause i left someone who didn't make me happy? or sad because i left the one i loved because he changed. at the same time i did by best telling him how his change is hurting my feelings and he just didn't care. am i making anysense? someone just help. the no contact rule is for me to have to will power to not talk to him while also working on myself. but enstead feel as more as if my counting the days to contact him. i left him and i just miss him. but he changed! maybe the no contact will help him work on himself as well? or maybe he's like she left me and i thoughtt she loved me so owell on to the next, man i dont know :/ someone HELP! ~~


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  • The point of the 'no contact' rule is to help you begin the healing process after a breakup. It's not designed to win the guy back.

    It keeps you from ripping the scab off the wound, so to speak.

    • so sense i left him is he the one that should be doing the no contact?

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    • then how ami going to get him back if we dont talk to eachother? yeah i already know you're gonna say, "move on im young people come and go yada yada..." thanks anyway.

    • I see what you did there. It all depends on if you are going to fix the issues that led you to the breakup in the first place. If you're fighting over stupid shit and then just get back together because it's been a week and that's what teens do, then you'll find yourself broken back up again.

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