Broken up, u go on vaca and drunk text you ex, HOW YOU REALLY FEEL over the breakup as a guy will this boost your EGO?

or open up a dialogue to work things out?, because now you have her honesty as to how she really feels after the breakup, or will this boost your ego to not reply and keep her as an option because u know how she feels now?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Depends on the breakup and who did it.

    If he broke up with you he might just be thinking "wtf...", it could be an ego boost I guess, if she brokeup with me I'm not sure... If it was obvious she was hammered it would be less impressive than if she was sober.

    • I broke it off then it became mutual.. I just said how I felt because after the breakup I moved on, didn't chase him and he once text me telling me that he thought he was more special than that, I did tell em I was hurt still and I guess that boost his ego,

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't get it - did you say how you really feel as in you think he's a jerk or you miss him and want him back? I'm sure with a bunch of misspelled text words he'll know you were drunk. If he hasn't answered you, then forget it. It means you told him off and he's ignoring it, or you laid your heart out and he's ignoring it. Who cares what he thinks? He'll do what he wants to boost his ego with or without your help, and he's an ex, and exes are exes for a reason. What matters is you did something silly, probably regret it, and should be moving on and enjoying your single life now. :)


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