Girlfriend ignored me and I wanted to break up?

First of all, sorry for my bad English because it's not my native language

So, we are in a long distance relationship and haven't seen each other in eight months, last month my girlfriend came in my country but she said she had some family issues and was making exuses not to see me. She was ignoring and avoidin talking to me even throug the phone. I called her and asked her a lot trying to understand what is going on. After almost 20 days i wanted to break up and i deleted her from Facebook but she said she loves me and she will always love me and i want to have you on fb so i accepted her request, on the other side she never made effort to se me. Now she's back to her country and we didn't see each other. She sent me some messages saying she doesn't even know what to say and understands why i dont want to talk to her and she will love me forever. I didn't say anything after that. And the situation remained unclear. What should i do?


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  • that means that she is insecure and may really like you and doesn't want to give up on the realationship even though you do

    • I understand, but at least make an effort to be honest and talk about it. 20 days and not a phone call, just when i called her we talked a bit and she made exuses to hung up. I dont know to move on or to wait, she was not clear about the future she just let me there eating myself with questions

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    • you gotta admit it is hard for you but it may be twice as hard for her because she may really really love you. she may say it on Facebook but if she's still avoiding you she's just probably processing how she feels about how you want to break up

    • It's been a week i dont contact her, i dont think i am going to talk to her since she is the one that has been ignoring me and after eight months not seeing each other she couldt find one day to explain this behavior. I think i deserve a propper explanation for what happened.

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