Chances of her contacting me?

We have been together for a year.

For the first half of the relationship she was in love with me. Things changed after she was molested at a party and I ended things with her (I didn't know how to deal with the situation). We got back together 2 months later. Ever since then things have been different. She hasn't shown the same level of attraction to me.

3 months ago she had lunch with me and told me she wanted to break up, because she feels we are incompatible and doesn't see the relationship going anywhere. To a certain extent this is true, we are very different people.

After she told me this I did the worst thing possible and tried to convince her to stay with me. Basically ignored the fact that we were broken up and still treated her like we were together. And that worked for a while.

It all ended when I couldn't fulfill a commitment I made to her to give her rides to-and-from work for a week. She got extremely upset that she might lose the job she had just got (which she didn't).

During these 3 months we technically were not together, but yet the day before the huge fallout, she was called me at night and was acting really suspicious about where I was and asked if I was "cheating on her". Which really had me surprised because I felt that she had clearly made the case to me we were not together (I never liked discussing the status of our relationship because I wanted to ignore it).

I felt this might have been an attempt to basically butter me up because she needed a big favor.

After the breakup I have been in no contact with her for 2 weeks. I have checked her social media and I think she may be seeing someone else. Her Tumblr makes references to someone she calls "#z". These references are kind of vague and I don't know what they mean, and I really don't think she's referring to me.

I was just wondering how this looked from an outsiders prospective. Btw, she is 19 I am 23. Do you think she will contact me? Or should I move on?


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  • Brother you need to move on. This is sending red flags for me in both cases. You shouldn't be following her on social media. Secondly, she's trying obviously moved on but likes the fact she can control you by calling you up, asking you for rides on and so on. Get out now.

  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Move On, You Guys Haven't Talked In Two Weeks So She Apparently Doesn't Care Enough To Make It Work, Just Move On, It May Be Difficult But Over Time You Will Feel Better. If She Contacts You It Might Be Because She Wants To String You Along While She Talks To Another Guy, Dont Do It...


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