Why am I not upset we broke up? We were together 3 years?

I've been with my girlfriend Emily for almost 3 years.
We've broken up a few times, but only for a day or two. We've never dated or seen anyone else during our relationship.

However, recently we broke up for good. I even got my stuff from her apartment and I gave her back her stuff.

We've been broken up for 2 weeks and I'm not really that sad. I can't figure out what's wrong with me. Is this normal?

Thanks for the answers in advance :)


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  • Possible Reasons: The relationship was so bad that you saw it coming, plus since you've broken up before, it's not some huge surprise. If everything was going so great in the relationship and you thought you guys "had it all" and all that and then out of no where it was over, you would probably have had more reason to feel sad.
    You were also with her for almost three years, which is a pretty long time. Usually when you're with someone for so long, you become comfortable with them and maybe even bored with them so you break up and instead of crying you're like, "oh. okay" the relationship loses it's initial excitement. It's hard to feel devastated over something that became boring and predictable.
    I'm not sure if I'm correct because I don't know how you actually felt about your relationship obviously though or what was going on in your relationship. I think whether it's normal or not normal to feel sad just depends on the situation and whether or not you're an emotional person to begin with.


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  • I'm sure it's normal!
    You've been together for 3 years!!! That's a long time!

    Maybe you were just tired of her? Or maybe your relationship just developed to be a friendship?:)

    Don't worry! It's agood thing, and you don't have to feel the heartache;)

  • Either you secretly think you'll get back together, or you're relieved to start fresh (which means you know she wasn't the one)


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