I just need to know what went wrong with my relationship... I broke up with my bf today?

We started dating on the 23th of June and continued dating until the 28th of July. We became a couple on that day. He seemed like a really nice guy. He would call everyday and text me everyday. We would talk about our family, our life, and our insecurities. He told me everything I believe and I let him in too. I was not afraid to let him in since he told me he would never hurt him or cheat on me. He is 32 years old and he is average looking. However, he does have a very outgoing personality and had a couple of good girl friends but when I was with him he would not text them or hang out with them. After we got together, we would see each other about two days a week and sometimes on weekends. However on the third week of being together, we went out one day and I slept with him. Then, I started to notice a change of behavior. He would text less but I would tell myself it was because of school and work. He would not call me as often. It was then this week, I really needed him and he kind of ignored me for two days. He would text once or twice but he would not be there for me. I remember he made a wish when I was with him that I was his girl always. He said that He still felt the same for me even though I slept with him. I miss him but I broke up with him today. I just want to know... was I played?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Almost Seems Like The Guy Just Wanted Sex & After He Got It He Was Uninterested...

    • why would you say that?

    • Are you 100 percent sure?

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  • I'd say he wasn't as attracted to you as much as it appeared.
    The sex wouldn't drive him away. If anything, it could bring him closer.
    You could go crazy looking for reasons. If there were any real reasons or problems, he would have told you. He doesn't need a reason.

  • He probably stopped feeling it after a while. It happens, you have that initial spark when you start dating them, then after a while it sort of wears off and it doesn't feel right. Either he realized it after you slept with him, or he started feeling this way before you two slept together and he wanted to get sex out of the relationship before calling it off.


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