I don't know if I should talk to him?

ex asked me to meet him up to talk about us after 8 months of being broken up and I don't know what he wants but his tone on text is starting to piss me off he just talks to me like "are we gonna talk or not? w. e ill leave u alone" like seriously? what kind of shit is that? should i even talk to him?


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  • Be gentle with his feelings, show empathy, agree to meet up with him like tomorrow or the next day.
    And ask yourself this... Do you. Or Do you not still consider the idea that you could get back together? If you decide the answer is most definatly no, then still meet up with him stay friendly, but tell him honestly and openly that it really is over. He needs a gentle response, but he needs finality.
    And bare in mind it's an extremely sweet gesture for him to be reaching out to you, and though it may seem creepy, you know him, very well, and if he wasn't a creep during the relationship, he's not a creep now. He's just not over you, and wants you back and the fact that he's coming back after 8 months is THE SIGN OF A COMITTED MAN. and you DO want that, they're rare.
    So think about it seriously and don't ask your friends about it. if YOU want him back, hurry up ad take him back. if you DON'T, then when you started the relaitonship you sorta took on the responsibility to respectfully end it WITH FINALITY and closure, in the event that it ever ended. you can't dodge the pain of letting him down, you have to go through it, it's gotta happen. Then you can stop feeling bugged, and you can both move on with your separate lives. and believe me, that in itself is a different kind of happy ever after.

    • well i messed up I kinda told him about his attitude and he just said how i haven't changed and thhat it would just be a waste of time and not to say he didn't try and make him seem like an assole to all my friends and he told me to have a good life... I mean now im regeretting it but I don't know how can i fix this i feel like i already blew it

    • i shouldn't even care to be honest because he hurt me so much but I just really dont like the way he treats me and what he said freaking hurt so much I feel like he's just trying to hurt me

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  • It's obvious that he cares and is hurt. Your actions/silence is clearly making him feel uncomfortable but he is still trying to make contact.

    Talk if you care for him. And otherwise forever hold your silence on the subject.

    • so because he's hurt he has to be rude and a douche bag about it?

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    • Did he break up with you to go for this other girl or did you break up with him and THEN he found this girl?

    • he broke up with me I don't know if it was for her.. it just seems like him and his friend were going after her to see who would end up with her and his friend started dating her and now he doesn't hang with her anymore.

  • Sounds like he's being pushy to me, that's probably not a good sign.

    But seriously, you're not obligated to talk to him if you don't want to. You've been broken up for 8 months. It's your choice, but, my opinion would be to avoid talking.

  • Do what you feel is best. Sounds like a douche to me, but hey. Not my place to say.

  • An ex is usually an ex for a reason. When they return after so long it's because they have realised they don't have easy access to other women. You've been conquered before so they come back to do it again. The fact he is being pushy tells me that is his goal. Rush you into face-to-face contact to 'work' on you.

    My advice is don't do it.


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