My partner says he doesn't love me anymore and I don't know what to do?

Right so i've been with this guy for 2 and a half years, he was my first ever love, he's changed my life completely and for the better. At one time we were planning our future together, it seemed as though he was the 'one'.
Over the past months he's been really really busy with work, but not as in being in the office constantly as he works for himself and finding it difficult to get to where he wants to be, he tries so hard and he deserves to be successful but it means he has to live with his parents (at age 23) and is ALWAYS short on money.. which he HATES, as it makes him feel like a failure. Being supportive I tell him I don't care about money, and the fact we can't afford to go away etc.. because at the end of the day I love him dearly.
Recently he's just been acting strange with me, he never texts me.. and when i'm not with him he doesn't seem to want any communication with me at all! , but then when were together everythings fine and were laughing away and getting along. I've been feeling very insecure recently which is making me text him loads and he just gets pissed off. The other day he got into bed after a night out and I said, I just wanted to sleep and cuddle.. he just said 'OK', turned around and ignored me.. I couldnt help but pathetically ask him to turn around.. over and over again because i thought id done smoethig wrong.. he then just got out of bed and said he was going home and he had to be up early to do work..., and out of the blue.. he didn't love me. I've talked to him on the phone and he says he cares for me dearly and will always look after me, but no love. How can you just stop loving someone like that? its not possible. Now i'm just completely heartbroken, I can't eat, sleep and feel sick because I thought he was the love of my life.


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  • I just wanted to sleep and cuddle.. he just said 'OK', turned around and ignored me.

    This was him trying to go to sleep. You proceeded to probe and nag because you felt rejected so he decided that he'd get some sleep elsewhere.

    What you have described in your question is unattractive behaviour. Immature and insecure. When love 'just disappears' it's usually lust not love.

    When you give no room for someone to breathe and feel emotions there is no time for those emotions to form or strengthen. The more a person in love fears their relationship is on the rocks they start to cling tighter and tighter which ultimately causes the relationship to break down.

    The man that will be the love of your life will end up marrying you and having children with you. Until that happens I wouldn't go around adding that label or thinking that way about 'casual' relationships.

    Stop adding pressure where pressure shouldn't exist. Use this as a hard lesson for future relationships with this man or another one. Not everyone you love will love you back and not everyone you love will be with you forever. Just enjoy the moments you have. Silence with a person is magical. Too many people love to fill silences and it's a tragedy.


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  • Gosh We Have A Very Similar Situation , I Don't Think It's That He Doesn't Love You I Think It's Just The Stress Talking , If You Really Love Hem Be His Backbone & Help Hem Figure Out Some Better Ideas To Get Hem Back Up , Try Sitting Down Having A Serious Face To Face Convo To See Where His Head Is At , If You Want Hem Too See How Much You Love Hem Do Whatever It Takes But If It Comes To A Point Where You Have Too Choose Loving Hem & Loving Yourself Pick Yourself , Know Your Self Worth , Keep Your Head Up Things Will Get Better


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