Does this mean I'm his first serious relationship since his ex?

Boyfriend got divorced about a year and a half ago. We were together two months. He said after his divorce he wasn't ready to date for awhile but then decided he was ready again.

He says things like I wasn't happy after my divorce but now I have you so I'm happy again.


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  • Your Not His First Real Relationship But It Sounds Like He Is Just Happy To Be With Somebody Else...


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  • I always find that after someone's Relationship, whether it is a Divorce or just being hooked at the hip with a Real life connection as two birds of a feather, that That person May not be ready or even raring to start up Something out of fear, or just having a bad taste from the past and may even be afraid of Hurting someone they are with, for fear they can't Get into anything heavy. They don't want complications, they want to be smart about it. And many times, getting into Something too soon is what I call a 'Rebound Relationship,' and that's a problem as well, as you can guess.
    In your case, being it's been quite awhile now, he has had plenty of time to lick his war wounds, do some soul searching, and when he met you, sparks started flying, for he is Absolutely All Giddy and Gun Ho since he has met you, it appears he is 'Ready And Raring' to make a move, Get into Something More Serious, or at least start slow for now, and may believe in his hear that-------There is a truly good chance that he has found his pot of gold at the end of his rainbow, and that if he never believed before that Love could happen Again in this lifetime, he has changed his tune, is singing a song, and is willing to try Again and take the chance Once More with-------Someone Special.
    Good luck, God bless. xx


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