Why do you feel the need to talk about or bring up an ex?

Most people on the receiving end of hearing about an ex usually don't like it, but maybe it's time we realize what your innermost feelings are about why your ex is on your mind enough to talk about them. (That's if you do this.)

There is some therapeutic reasons for talking about exes that are good for the person to get off their chest, and sometimes people go on autopilot and don't realize they're doing it.

If you don't see your option in the poll, then please comment! I'm not here to judge why people do or don't talk about their ex, instead I think it's handy for others to know what the reasons could be that they may or may not want to hear.
  • I am simply not over my ex, and if I talk about him/her to friends/family/my current partner - I am looking for cues from them to see if I should get back together with them.
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  • I am pained by the breakup and talking about them to get them out of my system. I am over them, but I need someone to know the pain I just went through so they know how I feel.
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  • I will occasionally talk about them only if the person or subject of exes is brought up, I will talk, and keep it short. Otherwise it's not my favourite topic.
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  • I talk about my ex, but don't even know I'm doing it until it's pointed out to me. I really don't know why they're on my mind other than they were a big part of my life for a while so I must be bringing them up out of habit.
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  • I won't talk about my ex at all. It's not that good or bad is to be said, it's the past and I do not need my current partner or friends/family to hear about it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • In my experience, it's all the above. Not being over someone, trying to work through lingering emotions, attempting to explain why particular activities or events have had such a negative impact, attempting to cause hurt, or just a bad case of foot-in-mouth syndrome. Mentioning an ex, the wrong, can & often does cause repercussions. The trick is to remember that, regardless of what's said, you're better then their last. And if they're not over the ex, simply sending them packing & go find someone better.

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    • Seriously, if you ever need an ear to vent to or just need non-judgemental advice, drop me a message. I'll help if I can.

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What Guys Said 2

  • While it could be any of the above, I really avoid mentioning the ex except in context of the effect the former relationships have had on me.

  • I don't ever talk about my exes. Fullstop. I do cherish their memories and glad times together... sometimes.


What Girls Said 1

  • I will say sometimes I do and sometimes I don't but I'm trying to do better of not bringing him up because I don't want flashbacks from things I don't want to remember. I've gotten better with it though I don't talk him or anything I just go about my business. It wasn't easy it was hard but it was totally worth for me.


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