Do I still have a chance after we broke up?

we were together 1 and a half years. we broke up 2 weeks ago. in the last month we had a lot of fights and because we are going to try long distance from the end of September he started to get ideas that we wouldn't work out and it's better to break up now. He also had some mood swings because his grandfather has some health problems. He messaged me two days after the breakup and he told me that he feels shit and when i asked him if that was what he wanted he said he doesn't know. I messaged him a few days later and everything was ok. the third time we talked it didn't end well and we had a fight. a few days later he saw my best friend and he was drunk. he told her that he still wants me but he can't talk to me. i couldnt take it so i messaged him asking him to meet up because I have some things that i want to say to him. he said he wasn't sure and he didn't want to because he still wants me and he will then be in pieces. he finally agreed to it and we are meeting tomorrow. how can i get him back? he still has feelings for me but he puts his feelings before his logic. i dont know how to convience him that it may work and it won't be so bad and we can work things out... how can i do that? any tips?


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  • Tell him how's your feeling! How much you love him;) do it when you have a last chance, good luck


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