Broken up and ignored?

A guy and I broke up. We have been ignoring each other for a month now. He broke up with me because I messaged him too much. I was trying to solve the problem about it, but he decided to break up because he was starting to find me annoying. We had an argument where I stood up for myself, and told him I didn't want to argue because it would just be more fighting over the problem.

I still want to be friends, and after this I tried talking with him, but I have been ignored, so I haven't initiated any contact in a month.

I don't know if he is upset over the break up or he just hates me, but I don't understand why he won't unfriend me on fb.
We messaged each other everyday, and he didn't seem to have a problem until recently. It was not every minute, maybe every 4 to 6 hours I would say something or send a funny picture. He told me he liked it.
We had other complications, not just the messaging, but it's too much to explain. I think the main reason was the messaging though. He said he had been annoyed with me for several weeks before breaking it off the first time. Thanks for the advice!


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  • This happens often...
    Don't satse your time on him!

    Keep ignoring him, don't try to be friends with him, at least for right now.

    Almost the same happened to me three years ago..
    I contacted my ex again for two days ago, and now we can talk again!

    Wait until you are completely over the break-up, and he's a little more mature!

    Keep your dignity and find a new sweeter guy!

    I know it's though, but you'll regret loosing your dignity to some douchebag ex boy!!!

    Stay strong, surround yourself with people you love and things that make you truly happy!!'

    Afterall, it has been proven Scientifically that the place in the Brain where we have selfcontrol turns off when we get betrayed and hurt!

    He wasn't the right guy if you had to argue about texting..

    Let him be, and get control of your own life!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If He Is Ignoring You Then iStrongly Suggest Moving On, Dont Become Even More Annoying, If You Wanna Work Things Out Then Allow Him To Come Back On His Own, If He Doesn't Then Move On...

  • His reason for breaking up with you is crap. It sounds like you stood up for yourself and he didn't like it at all, that is not a good sign when looking for a partner. Ignore him.


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