I need some advice on a recent break up with a guy friend?

Ok, so anyway. This happened a week or two ago. I met him through a friend. Sometimes while we were in a group together he would stare at my breasts and have explicit thoughts about me. One occasion I was talking about my dentist saying my mouth is too small, and he would stare. Our mutual friend had a crush on him and would sometimes kiss him on the cheek, which he would allow her to, but he did not like her.

I would avoid him, and someone eventually told him that I thought he just wanted sex with me. We were having lunch together one day because i was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, and he broached the subject. He said he 'just wanted to make me feel good'. I was a little annoyed. He didn't even try to pick up the tab, and I made him pay for tip. I am wondering if I was being too... not just judgemental, but antiphysical. For some reason, it didn't feel right discussing all these things so early on.

I later learned that his mother thought I was trying to control his money, and she said I would be paying for him that day. After this scenario, as friends, we were at a vending machine, and he told me that if he paid for me it wasn't a date.

My question is mostly for men. I want to know what you think about a girls paying for a date, even after she was being stared at, and told such things. I'd like to know what girls think too. I am trying to understand if I did actually wrong him because I would like to apologize some way.

The reason we are not friends is because he felt I was being judgmental, and that he didn't see me as friends with benefits. He wanted to build a friendship. However, he eventually thought my texts were annoying, and felt we could not be friends. He also accused me of not understanding the reasons why he uses alcohol for stress relief.


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  • He's too self-centered. Even though the relationship should be equal in regards to respect, the man should always be the first to extend a caring hand. You are doing nothing wrong, as he just sounds like a weirdo and a creep; drop him.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, It's Would Be Awkward For A Girl To Pay For Our Date, iAlways Pay, Some Guys Out There In The World Dont Pick Up The Tab, Just Move On From Him. He Drinks When He Is Angry & One Day Might Blow Up At You...


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  • Uh pay for yourself and stop being a psycho texter.

    • I always pay for myself. And i am not a psycho texter. I just don't like being treated like crap, thanks.

    • Then why are you worrying about this guy that treats you like crap?

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