Ex trying to use mind tricks against me?

Recently, I texted my ex. I would do this occasionally to not make it seem in a desperate attempt to get back with him or try to bother him in any means. We talked about the things we've both been up to in our lives and how are things going in both of our current relationships. Before we ended the conversation, he suggested that I should text him again sometimes. I've done that more than 3 times this month, however, he'd never return the favor back. Last time we talked (about a month ago, he sent me a video of Utada Hikaru's "Apples and Cinnamon" and said that the song reminded him of us. There isn't a solid closure to our break up so he tends to bring up our break up. Is he still into our past relationship? Into me? We Skyped, but I did all the talking and he was typing out his answers. Said that he couldnt talk because when he looked at me through the cam, because my presense intimidated him. What does this means?) I would love for him to, but he never does. On rare days, he would strike one up on Skype. Not too long ago, I texted him again, but the conversation went awkward and vague due to his short responses. He sounded like he didn't want to talk to me. I dont want to be the person who always initiates the conversation. Am I bothering him? Or that he wants to talk to me but act like he doesnt? Or that he really doesn't want to do anything with me anymore? I'm so confused and drained because of him. I want an answer but I am too afraid to ask him directly.


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  • if you don't want him back then don't text him or respond. Just move on and let him move on. If you want him back that's different story

    • Part of me wants him back and have another chance but the reason why I contacted him was to keep in touch. I dont know if he wants to do the same with me. He has a gf now and would sometimes bring her up. MMaybe to remind me that he has someone now and i should leave him alone? It wouldn't make sense that if he does feel that way, then why would he said that he kind of missed her when she was on a trip to vietnam? That kind of made it sound like he isn't that into her But is using her as a rebound to fill that his void.

  • Rise above it! you're better than that.


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