If you get coffee with your ex girlfriend a month after the break up, can the spark reignite?

- She ended it due to everything being great but the sparks just not there. A month ago. only talked twice.
- I gave her space, no fights occured, friendly terms
- I asked to get a coffee with her and she happily agreed
- She still says she feels for me, and misses me and there's still that deep empathy couples have for each other.
- Its scheduled for the end of next week.
- We were together for 6 months and during the beggining and through most of it she was VERY Smitten over me (and i was over her), there were no IDENTIFIED relationship problems and the relationship seemed divine.
- She was sitting on the fence toward the end, and she sort of (at least made out) that she didn't want to end it, but was making herself do it for the greater good.
- there's still feelings there big time, just not a "spark"
if she thought about the breakup for a while before it happened, but seemed like she jumped in and forced herself to do it. we meant so much to each other, and its stupid cause we both say that about each other now, the only difference is were not to
together, its just stupid! hahah. is it possible to change her mind or does a woman never change once she's made a decisuion about a man


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  • Ehat your are describing as the missing spark might be just the lack of inatuation and butterflies wich usually depreciates after 6 months to one year.
    Breaking up because you lose the "spark" despite everything else is being great sounds kind immature to me.
    The question should be, do you really want to spend time with a woman, who obviously is not mature enough to take a relationship to the next level?

    • My. Lord that's exactly why I think the break up happened. I believe she's worth it and we can grow the F*** up together :P
      But I'm super curious, is there a socially appropriate way to get her to recognise this and accept it without sounding controlling and like I'm playing mind games?

    • Well, I think honesty is always a good way. Try to tell her what you think, without putting the blame or guilt mode on. Say how YOU feel, what YOU wish for (I guess you get what I mean). Tell her much she means to you, and how much you would love to have a second chance. Ask her what she thinks is missing and how you could change so that it will work out.
      Of course, you should not turn into someone you are not, so asking her what she expects from a relationship will show, if you would have to turn upside down (Don't do it) or just make minor compromises.
      Good luck :-)

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