My ex wants to talk face to face but always bails and won't make set plans?

I broke with with my ex four months ago because of her delusional thinking and insecurity. I still love her and I feel bad that she believes these delusions about me. However, she keeps wanting to have a face to face conversation, no phone, text or e-mail. When I try to schedule this, she will never set plans. I feel like she is just stalling and is never going to come through on this conversation, she claims she wants to have. Any idea's here?


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  • First guess would be she's nervous &/or scared to look you in the eye.


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, If She isn't Going through With It Then Cut Her Off & Move On, Sounds Like She Is Stringing You Along & Finding Excuses Just To Talk To You, If You Dont Mind It Then Keep Talking To Her, If You Tryna Move On Then Cut Her Off...


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