How do I deal with breaking up with this guy?

I met him online and we have hung out only at his place for the past month and a half never been on a date and it was only like one night or two days with one night of sleeping over max a week since there is a 45 min drive it was just I'd come over and we would have sex basically and hang out.

I have been blowing him off for a two weeks almost now and ignoring his texts quite a bit.

Last night he told me that he wants to try doing things properly and actually going on dates and all that. He isn't really someone I can see a future with as I have realized over this time period I tried saying a huge list of random things that would be baggage to make him change his mind

Baggage I tried: had a abortion at 16, have depression from the abortion that i cover up, that I can no longer have kids because of a fuck up with the abortion, abandonment issue, and trust issues, and that I wouldn't be able to deal with the pot because he literally smokes it all the time and that bothers me (he said he would try to cut back and not do it around me at all anymore) and he said he didn't care about any of this stuff

I don't know how deal with this he wants me to come over tonight since I'm off tomorrow which last night I agreed to but after we stopped talking and the more I think about it I fell like actually dating is a waste of time so how should I do this I don't really want to drive down there just to tell him this and I don't know if I should even need to I mean we aren't exactly in much of a relationship could I just text it? and what should I say because my reason is I see no future, he smokes pot to much, he isn't on a great career path so I feel like I would be the one bringing home the bacon like significantly more, he ok looks wise but he's nothing special, and although the sex is good its only because he has a big dick he's actually not that great and its kinda boring, my last reason I like the outdoors and doing stuff he doesn't so how should i do this?


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  • You have to be direct and unambiguous. Tell him that the relationship is not going anywhere because he smokes too much, is not very interesting and is not good in the sack. He will understand that.
    Tell him you're too busy to waste any more time.
    Best do it from a distance, maybe on the the phone, but dont back off or cave in. This has to stop.
    There are nice guys waiting.


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  • Be true with him and tell him you're not interested in him, and if he continues be more bold with him and let him know that if he doesn't start to back off that you will file a restraining order against him that will make sure he doesn't come within a certain amount of feet to you, and where he won't be able to call, text, or have any communication with you.


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