Should we break up remain/friends?

hey guys i need some advice from people about what i should do about my relationship with my boyfriend.

long story short, we've been together for 2 year on and off on for one year then we broke up for 3 months and got back together. the reason we broke up was because he kept lying to me about going out drinking (when we had plans, slaggig me off to our mutual friend (whom he wazzup going to drink with all the time) and choosing his ex over me - i was upset and walked off and because she said "don't leave Me alone, he couldn't possibly leave her alone whilst i was clearly upset.

Now my problem is that as much as i wanna trust him after all those lies i can't he openly stares at girls and denies it, said that these girls at his college were -and i quote - "fit as you[me]"- his excuse for this being that he was only complimenting them am i wrong to feel this is out of order?

in addition to this although not an excuse i suffer from bi polar and when i try to talk to him about my problems he says "i also have my own problems" i know he does but really is that appropriate? i had a huge break down today cus he wouldn't talk to me because he was hanging out with family fair enough but he didn't even ask what was wrong he just hang up/didn't answer i ended up in hospital and then when i spoke to him he said was how annoyed he was nope no are u Oki nothing.

i am tierd i really am i am not a saint but his brother took the mick out of me self harming in front of my boyfriend and he said nothing he just laughed. when he's talking to me his eyes in stead of keeping eye contact always move around the room an look at the same thing repeatedly (8/10 its a group of girls) should i put up with this? im not a sweet smelling flower but i always ask him and listen and advice yet hrs constantly interrupts me, ignores me and changes subject :/

thank you xx


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  • "should i put up with this?"

    The answer to that question is Yes. I understand that you probably have a vision in your mind of how he should treat you. How he should change for the better. But the hash reality is that he's an adult, and that he acts the way he acts because that's the way he wants to be. And if you want to stick with him, you'll have to 'put up with it'.

    Now if or when you finally realize 'Wait a minute, those specs of happiness don't nearly compensate for the truckloads of suffering that he brings. I don't want to put up with this anymore!' That's when you'll have the resolve to just get up and leave.

    P. S. My opinion stands on the assumption that you have no children with him are are in a simple/easily voidable bf/gf relationship.

    • Thank you you made a lot of sense and i ended leaving as i didn't want to want to put up with the truckloads of suffering he brings for the little specs of happiness. :)

    • Great! Hopefully you find happiness elsewhere.

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  • If you're not happy, why are you with him? If he doesn't treat you right, why are you with him? You must take responsibility for this. By you staying, you are saying his behavior is okay. It's time for you to find someone better.


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