Anyone feel free to answer, have you ever leave your love one for someone else an realize that you hurted that peraon an you miss them want them back?

Can someone share there story with me, have you ever realize that you made a mistake by leting this person go and giving up on them so easily for someone else?


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  • Lol why you asking this doe? Hell, happened on me. But I was on "hurted person" side when she left lol But then I made her think that I banged her bff and hurt back. Yea, I was a huge sociopath

    • My ex gf broke up with me 2 months ago an she was not clear on why shw really left me, she cheated on me in the begining of our relationship been together for 3 years and over the years i had a hard time gettinh over what she did too me an i had a problem truating her she lied to me many times when i asked her to tellme the truth i would catch her in a lie all the time an i would forgive hee but back in may she hid this guy number in her phone in a private box for text msgs an i hacked it an i found out she was texting this guy an kinda flirtimg i got upset and i asked her is she hiding snything from me amd she said no and even sweared to her dead bro that she not so i showed her it and i said so this what we do now we lie an you swear to ur dead brother an she tried to explain that he is just a friend. I forhavr her for thst and told her to dekete his number out her phone, June 6 she broke up with me and on June 28 she started a relationship with the same guy

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    • She is with this guy now and i really feel hurt im into 14 nc, what u mean you can help how?

    • I mean bang her best friend or somrthing or jsut get her back and leave her after two weeks. Boom ha

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