Why is my ex so upset that I don't want to stay friends with him?

My ex broke up with me after 7 months - he said that our lives were going in different directions and he just wasn't "feeling it" anymore. Strangely, he kept trying to stay in contact, wanting to hang out and telling me how much he loved being with me and cares for me. I told him that he hurt me and that I wanted to make a clean break. He was upset and begged me to change my mind. I have NEVER wanted to hang out and be friends with someone I just dumped! I think it's so selfish... thoughts please?


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  • Sounds like a case of wanting a cake and eating it too. Staying friends with an ex is sometimes possible, but only if both parties are comfortable with it. In this case, he should just let it go with dignity.


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  • In all honesty, if my girlfriend did that to me. I wouldn't want to talk or hang out with her either. I think you did the right thing.

    • I know, so inconsiderate! But why? Is he being territorial or maybe realizes after the fact that he did harbor feelings after all? Like I said, I have never done that to someone and if I did, it would mean I was having second thoughts. Or maybe he's just emotionally screwed up (he's very cold and disconnected).

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    • I don't know but it's not normal. He drove me crazy with his mind games and emotional unavailabiity during our whole relationship too - why am I surprised now? Thanks for the advice:)

    • No problem :) i hope you have luck in the future

  • Cause he thinks ex's can be friends, ahahahahah


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