How do you get over a 8 year relationship?

I know at that point its close to getting divorced. We we're high school sweethearts and it's really painful to fear going to my home town for fear of seeing him. He didn't explain why he wanted out he just did. It hurts really bad.


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  • I can't give you advice based on personal experience but I know a story I once heard was a woman who lost her husband and child in an unfortunate situation, I won't tell you the details, too much time; but they died in an accident.

    But when she finally moved on it wasn't because she was trying to force herself to forget it. I think that this applies here because you can't just erase 8 years of your life. Back to the point was that this woman accepted the event that caused her to be separated from her child and husband, it happened that's all that matter.

    She eventually came to understand that despite the tragedy in her life, she was still standing strong and that those years with her husband and child maybe over but they were good while it lasted but its time to live in the "present" not that past. She healed and eventually remarried

    Even though your situation is different. During those 8 years you probably had both good and bad times. I think you should realize that while your marriage might end, that it wasn't for nothing. You grew as a person in those 8 years and you should be happy that you had the experience whether it ended badly or not.
    If you do get a divorce, then just live your life in the "present", don't focus on forgetting the past or worrying about the future. Marriages don't define who we are, you do that. Connect with people, friends, and family for emotional support. Make sure you stay healthy mentally and physically. Smile and find something you're grateful for everyday. Realize its tough now, but it'll make you stronger later on. Peace & Love.

    • I know its a lot of writing so forgive me for that, but the most important thing to take away is to seek emotional support from those close to you. I would also consider counseling even if you feel you don't need it because it helped me out when I had relationship issues.

    • thank you so. much. you don't know how much this means

    • No problem, I am happy you found it beneficial. This video, helped me out.

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