Did he use me or am I over thinking it?

I moved to a new place six months ago. before I moved on the last day of school my crush asked me out. I knew he had a crush on me since October. I of course said yes. but it was also spring break. he went to florida on vacation for all of spring break and I was moveing the day he got back the he calls me saying he can't do it anymore it hurts not seeing me and ends it. I start school the very next day and am feeling awful. on my fourth day of school I get a call form my friend say he asked out another girl and she regected him. a week later he asked out my best friend who also rejected him.(he wanted to keep our relationship a secret) a month later I found out he kissed one of my friends. A day later I find out he kissed my best friend. I am really confused. he liked my best friend and me. he asked me if I wanted to go to the Valentine's dance (that we had a week before he asked my out on Valentine's day) with some one else and insted he wanted to go with my best friend. I think he used me to get to my best friend. im I over thinking it or I it really true (I tried asking him many times but he ethier hangs up or ignores my texts) we have been friends for 4 years I dont think he would use some one but now that I think of it maby he did


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  • All friendships come to an end at some point. Now you've seen this guy's true character and should pursue this acquaintance no further. You might especially avoid contacting him because his behavior was offensive and inappropriate and it is his duty to call and apologize for his foolishness. You should have nothing further to do with the dude (with the exception that maybe in the unlikely event he apologizes directly to you). It's him, it's not you. A creep like that does not deserve to bask in your sunshine.

    With the klutz out of your orbit a pretty girl like you with that wonderful hair will attract other and no doubt more suitable male companions. Nature is on your side to that end.

    • Thank you that really helps. I dont really know for shure because it seems so unlike him to use someone. plus I moved so im getting all the gossip from my friends and they might be lyeing but If they were he would probley have told me it was not true as I mentioned I knew him for 4 years he is very soft hearted person. also my friend told me since I left he has been very quite and dosnt talk. which is very unlike him he usually sings during class. his best friend also said that he doesn't hangout at all with him. so Im not 100% sure

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  • You Said It Yourself He Used You To Get To Your Friend, He Is No Good, The Best Thing You Can Do Is Move On & Stop Talking To Him, You Dont Need Friends Like That In Your Life...


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