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Me and my ex have been broken up for about 2 months now. Its her birthday this week and im thinking of buying her flowers to show her i still love her and care.
My question is do you think there is any chance of her coming back to me, we broke up after a big argument where i told her to gt lost and since that day i have been chasing her. This is the girl i want to marry. She has told me to move on and start seeing other girls, but at the same time she gets jealous that i have girl mates and that there talking to me. She says she doesn't love me anymore, but the minute i stop talking to her she comes back and starts trying to talk to me. She keeps telling me not to talk to her and when i stop she always finds an excuse to come back and start conversations, and when i talk back to her she blanks me and acts as if im the one who started the convo. I would love to have her back, since she came into my life i have achieved so much with her help and she knows i still want to marry her but she has told me that she will never marry me. I have also said to her that if she didn't love me and didn't have feelings she would have been long gone by now, which she blanks. Could anyone please help me with what is going on with her mind?
Thanks guys


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  • She's playing games, trying to keep you around knowing you'll take her back the moment she asks. I wouldn't be surprised if she was just trying to keep you around as a back up in case her adventures don't pan out. My advice, put your foot down, you don't deserve this from a person you want to marry. Be a man and take charge. Make it clear that she can lose you. Make her miss you. Stop talking to her, you'll either realize she isn't worth the trouble or she'll realize how dumb of her it was to push you away. She may even start going after you. Live your life without her for a while, date people and if she misses you she'll come crawling back and in that situation you have all the power. Good luck


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Sounds Like She Is Playing Games With You, She Also Knows She Can Do What She Wants Cause You'll Take Her Back (Unofficially) & Start Talking To Her Again, You Can Either Continue Playing These Games Or Move On & Cut Her Off, She Knows You Want Her, Just Show Her You Dont Need Her, It's For The Best...

  • You got two options here, buddy.

    1) Go all-out, balls-to-the-wall, chase the sh*t outta this girl, propose to her on your knees on her birthday, if she says no, keep proposing in all the most unexpected places until she finally caves in and becomes your wife. Chance of failure? Moderately to severely high.

    2) Move on. You're in the 18-24 age category, you have 3/4 of your life ahead of you. Some things happen for a reason, and your future wife will one day thank the good Lord that you moved past your silly HS/college relationship. Chance of failure? Extremely low.

    In any case, carrying on passive-aggressive non-conversations with someone who has declared open hostility to the possibility of marriage with you is, well, a downright waste of your precious time on this earth.


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