My ex boyfriend agreed to see me after 4 months - does it mean anything?

My ex and I broke up 8 months ago. We almost got back together a month after that. Long story short, I broke his heart and he really loved me which virtually destroyed him. Since March/April, he's been in a new relationship.

I asked him this weekend if he would be open to talking to me as I wanted to clear the air and finally tell him the truth about the way I feel. I still love him, but accept that he's in a new relationship. He agreed, in fact he was keener than I thought he would ever be. We met today (at his insistence) and it went amazingly well - so much so, that had the meeting been about reconciling, I would have felt positive in it all working out.

So my question is - he told me he was in a relationship, but he kept asking me that in "ideal world" would I want us to reconcile - I eventually said yes & that I would've hoped we could have worked things out. He asked if I regretted breaking up with him & I said yes. I also said there were many times I wanted us to reconcile but I was too afraid to approach him. He kept asking why did I wait so long to approach him. We had a great time - joking & laughing like we did when we were together. I admitted to him that I would always care about him & love him. He was shocked. He later said that I had been on his mind a lot at the start of his relationship. He said that his new gf was a nice girl & he like her a lot. She also knew he was meeting with me.

He always said he loved me more than anyone in his life & that he wanted to marry me so the fact he moved so fast hurts & confuses me. He did ask me if I thought he moved on too fast which I agreed he had. I am confused by our meeting. I acted very philosophical about everything to disguise my hurt. We wished each other well & left. I am heart broken. I love him very much. Does the fact that our meeting went so well mean anything? Or should I give up all hope?


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  • Just because he's with someone else doesn't mean much. You should keep moving forward staying busy with your life and what makes you happy. Meeting with an ex and reconciling is always a good thing especially if your opening up about things. I wouldn't sweat him not being in your life though. Give him time to see you've changed.

    • Thanks for the advice. I definitely keep myself busy! Luckily I have amazing friends & keep super fit to take my mind off all of this!

    • That's great !! Plus treat yourself to something good !! Much love ! Good luck !!

    • Thanks you, you're so sweet!

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  • Yes. It means a lot that You guys are able to be honest with each other. So that's always good something you couldn't do before.

    The bad thing is he was asking all the questions. If says he loves you then he does. But the meeting for him may seem just a "curiosity meeting" . Not an "omg I'm in love with her meeting" .

    You did the right thing. Remained respectful , yet showed grace and class to tell him hoe you feel. He now knows how you feel and it's up to him on wether he wants to continue.

    I personally say move on. ( I know it sucks) continue to put yourself out there. Yet continue contact with him and be there for him as do much that he will allow. If he comes back... Then you know in your heart what to do.

    Stop being philosophical that's how your ass got in this situation in the first place haha <3 goodluck !!

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion & encouragement :) I am trying to move on but I still hold onto hope which can be quite destructive. I can only hope we will get our second chance.

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