Why won't my ex's gf (now fiancee) leave me alone?

She is obsessed with my life. She stalks ALL of my social media and no matter what I write decides it's all about her and causes drama. If I dont write anything online for a while or don't respond to the nasty comments or messages she makes (i never do respond) they both start pretending that I've said something so they can write more horrible things and complain about how "I'm so obsessed with their lives". I can't understand why considering I don't speak to him or have any communication with either of them. Nor do I have any desire to change that. It was me who ended the relationship and I have been in a long term relationship since before they even met yet she's behaving as though I'm some sort of rival who's actively trying to steal him away from her.
I forgot to add that we broke up over 3 years ago!


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  • I don't know why other than boredom and them being crazy just delete/block/erase them from your social media so you don't have to worry about them. Also don't respond to their messages that's what they want to irritate and annoying you don't give in and give them the satisfaction.


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  • Call her. She doing so because you're letting her. She not doing this Just because she's crazy between those 3 years you must have at least talked about something's. And if it's really bothering you threaten with a restraining order


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, She Probably Misses You & Is Fighting For Your Attention. If Your Tired Of It iStrongly Suggest Blocking Her...

  • So just block him on the social media sites.

    • Sorry, I meant block HER.

    • Ahh I did try that and they are blocked from my social media. No idea how they are seeing my stuff. Took to tweeting at me when Facebook was blocked or visiting my tumblr blog. And ofc the age old slabbering to my friends so it gets passed on.

    • Well just ignore them, or delete "Social media" and keep in contact with those who are important to you via the real world. Social media is nothing but a breeding ground for trouble.

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