Not sure if I should just break this off?

My boyfriend and I have been together now for 2 years. He's 3 years younger than me, which I think contributes to some of our problems. Generally, when we are together things are OK, sometimes great even. However, we have very different styles of communication. I like to communicate fairly frequently (even when I'm busy) and see each other often. My view is, he's very important to me, so I make time for him no matter how busy I am (and I'm a grad student so I'm kind of always busy).
The problem is, he is much less busy than I but seems to be the one who is overwhelmed all the time and thinks our communication is too much sometimes (he said today he thinks I demand 24/7 attention, which I definitely don't think could possibly be true- there are days when I can't contact him for the entire day until the evening because of school/work stuff). It's getting to the point where my self-esteem has taken a serious hit because he seems to not care about putting in as much effort as I am. To make matters worse, he just started waiting tables (which is great that he has a job) with a lot of attractive females. I feel constantly paranoid and just really low, like he's just going to leave me after all of the time and effort I put in.
But then I also consider why am I wasting all of this time and effort on him, when there are other much more mature men and I deserve way better?

Is this worth talking out and salvaging or should we just call it a day?


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Well You Can Communicate & Tell Him How You Feel, Let Him Know How You Feel About The Relationship (If You Wanna Save The Relationship) Or If Your Unhappy In The Relationship, It's Best To Break Up & Find Somebody Else To Make You Happy...

  • Ask him for break... and mean it... just a break. Even set a time period (one month or two months). This will help him realize how much you mean to him. During that time period do not contact him and vice versa (unless it's an emergency). You and him can even make a handshake agreement. That's what I wanted from my ex... but I never asked for it. I was afraid of hurting her. My complacency costed me dearly. It impacted my attitude towards her and she eventually dumped me and never looked back. I've admittedly reached out to talk to her a few times and she is not same girl I knew 6 months ago. I personally wish I treated her better when I dated her... but I was having issues with my physical attraction towards her. A break might of helped me freshen up. However I didn't say communicate when I should have... I let it all linger.


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