Ex stopped texting me but still wants me to text him back? I'm confused!

Recently, my ex bf and I connected through on Skype chat. The conversation went out smoothly but not awkward or weird. We talked for a short time, but before ending the chat, he tells me to text him sometimes. I do text him on some days while trying not to overdue it. He tells me to text him, but he never or hardly ever reciprocate the favor. I don't know if he's trying to get at this! I reach out to him only to have small talks after some while of no contact. It seems to me like he doesn't want to do the same yet expects me to initiate the conversations. What does he want from me? Please help! BTW: him and I are in each of our own relationships so we tend to keep the contacts on the minimal.


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  • Imma Tell You Exactly What He Is Doing, He Is Stringing You Along So He Can Still Have You Under His Control, (Having His Cake & Eating It Too.) Look, You Have To Stop Texting Him, In Case You didn't Know, The Fone Works Both Ways, If He Wanted To Talk To You He Could Also Hit You Up First, He Is Making Sure You Dont Stray Away From Him, It's Not Fair To You, iGuess You Dont See It, But After Seeing What iSaid iKnow You Will Move On, Dont Let Him Control You Like A Puppet...

    • It's certainly isn't fair that he think he can still have his way with me like this! As much as i dont want to admit it, this hurts! I know, I shouldn't expect him to text me immediately after i send mines out, but still! He had me under his control when we were together two years back, but because i was ignorant and too submissive. what hhe's doing to me right no isn't acceptable! Thank you for enlightening me with your opinion and advice!

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