Breakup after breaking my girls trust?

Broke my girls trust and hasn't spoken to me in 8 months... help?


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  • Sorry to say she is no longer your girl. 8 months of no contact I would drop it and move on.


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  • After 8 months... she's no longer your girl sad to say. Not quite sure what you did, but it seems that she wants you out of her life, and doesn't care to speak to you. Probably best to move on.

    • obviously not, and yes she threw me out of her life by cutting off all communication. She's avoiding me because she knows ill work my way back in and now I have been a changed man with these past few months. I need to show her the changed man i have become.

    • If she wants to give you a shot. Then that's completely up to her. However, if she wants you out of her life. Then you will need to respect that decision, accept the consequences of your actions (whether you've changed or not), and move on.

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  • you want her back? well what trust did you break exactly? 8 months of ignoring I can only imagine it was terrible.

    • i never cheated, just lied a few times and got caught in them... we are obviously broken up and she ended it over the phone and refused to speak to me in person. She was extremely heartbroken and couldn't even meet because knew she would to be to weak.

    • well props to her for calling out her own weaknesses, no offense. anyways well to her those lies must've been huge! huge enough to obviously break up. I say you probably have 1 chance to a redo but if you do get a 2nd chance you can never screw up again. you gotta be perfect in her eyes. try reaching out to her in a serious manner with good intentions but if she rejects it then just simply try to move on.

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