Is giving your ex a letter a good idea?

Should I give my Ex the Letter?

So its been 3 Months since my Ex and I broke up. A friend suggested that I write a her a letter, just explaining to her how I feel.

I so about 2-3 weeks ago I did. The thing now is I dont know if I should give it to her or not. Part of me wants to give it her on the chance that maybe she'll read it and finally tell me how she feels instead of telling me she has mixed feelings, that she's confused, and that she needs time to think about things. Instead of sending me random texts every two weeks that really lead no where. Even if that means there's no chance of us ever getting back together. For some sort of closure.
The other half of me doesn't want to give it her because of the last part. First I dont even know if she would read it. But also what if she says she wants nothing to do with me. I know its been 3 months I should move on. But I still care for her and her daughter. I still think about them. I miss them. I think about her; Wonder if she's with someone else, wonder if she's happy...

I have the letter... If anyone would like to write send me a message i would be more than happy to share it with you and let me know what you think. Its like 2800 characters so it would be too long to post on here I think. it would take me a couple treads


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  • Well will she not talk to you is that the reason for the letter? I would try talking first then use the letter as a last resort. I know it would kill me not to know one way or another regardless the outcome.

    • Well I guess I haven't really reached out since the two weeks after we broke up. The only time I have contacted her is to tell her she has mail. But about every 2-3 weeks since we broke up she has sent me a text "hey" "good night" "i miss scaring you" "are we not talking?" "do you have a credit card?" I just need to know what she feels i think.

    • Well then I think you should send it so you get closure.

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  • Send it !! You have nothing else to lose. This maybe some closure for you. To continue to heal !! Good luck !!


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Dont Give Her The Letter, You Guys haven't Talked In Awhile & There Is No Need To Reopen Something Thats Done, But If It's Heavy On Your Heart To Do It Then Do It...

  • I think it's good to write a letter, bad idea to send it. She would contact you if she was interested in getting back with you.

  • if you do send it... all i gotta say is dont get your hopes up

    why dont you just call her and tell her this vs the letter
    that way you get instant feedback


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