Is their a way to gentle tell your boyfriend... That you want to take a break?

I've been in a serious relationship for about a year now... Everything was going great for a while... But lately I feel like the passion is gone. I make him feel special, desired, wanted and loved. He doesn't make me feel any of that anymore... I feel very lonely In our relationship.. He doesn't even spend that much time with me. I've talked to him about it but nothing changes... I'm giving up.. I just need some time to think... How do I break this to him gently?
UPDATE: We have talked about it and we are going to work things out!:) No break is needed! Thank you all for the opinions anyways:) much appreciated! <3


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  • I'm sorry to hear he's not pulling his weight.

    Just tell him you tried to talk to him about the relationship but nothing's changing and so you need a break to think about things.


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  • Don't do my ex gf mistake... she had same feelings (I think) but she never mentioned any of that and just went for break. It's unfair I had the right to know what's going on... it could be very easy for me to change especially if I was busy these few months due to external situation. If you originally love him then try to fix it... You will have simialr trouble withj any partner try to fix your problems before you give up...
    Good Luck

  • Either get him to fix things, or dump him.

    You're not going to feel special, desired wanted and loved by him on a break.

  • Tell him, "I haven't yet sampled enough penises to make sure that yours is the best I can get."


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