My ex may be in relation with my brother ex girlfiend. Why am I not over him. I want to move on?

I have been in love with this guy for more than four years. It been 1 year since i moved out the apartment we was living in together. There are many reasons why are relationship had issues. But only one reason why i moved out and broke up with him.
My brother was locked up and before he left he wanted me and his girlfriend of 8 years to get close together , which i never did before with any of the girls he had. He said "sis she is the one" lately his girl been having family issues and from the kindness of my heart me and boyfriend got her a job. Then later i offer for her to move in with us. After all the warnings from friends the kindness of my heart looked passed what everyone else was seeing.

To make a long story short, my boyfriend and my brother girlfrien got extremly close to the point people thought they were a couple.

Many times i brought these feelings and actions i seen to his attention but he said i was crazy like everyone else.

So one day i got real sick and sick and tired of watching how close they were getting i moved back to my parents house. I was only going to stay there until the lease is up so it can be just me and my man in the house. But instead the girl continued to stay. My boyfriend refuse to leave and stay with me at my parents house until the lease is up and refused to leave her...
So we broke up many times he cried and begged for me to come back but i say she gotta go. But he couldnt let her go.
to be honest i never caught him cheating or having sexual relation with her but his emotions for her is so strong and noticable he can't live with out her so really he chose her over me
now i am dating a friend of mines of 15 years but had to let him go because i constantly crying and thinking about my ex.

I want to move on , but why i keep holding on to someone who trully dont love me no more. Why does it hurt when i see them together. Why do my heart stop still when i see him. Why can't i accept that they may be a couple?


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  • I would be upset too. This is a really hard situation that you went through. You need time to be single. When a relationship ends it's a grieving process, denial anger depression etc. So take time for YOU. With time you will be able to move on.


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