Can you guys be just friends with your ex or someone who you truly love?

Hey! Guys I want to know that after you broke up with your ex or someone who you truly love you can be just friends with them or not?


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  • Honestly each situation is unique really. Exes who are no longer in love, possible. Many have to be civil/friendly after divorces etc. I am also in the situation of being friends with the person I beloeve is the love of my life and it's very difficult at times.

    • How is your feeling for him now? I mean if you know that he has a new gf :)

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    • Yah! Same here, that's why I want to be his friends even I know my heart will break if I know that he's go on a date or have a new gf!

    • I figure my heart will hurt either way. Many times I think distance myself so he'll see what he's missing, much as I try I can't

      Ty for most helpful and good luck!

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  • No way. It doesn't mean they hate the ex, it just means it's too painful being reminded.

  • Yes OFCOurse U Can Be :)
    There maybe any problem fot which u can't love each other.. maybe family clashes etc.. but u cam be friends :)

  • no. It is not possible


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