Does space make a couple that breaks up get back together? She took space cuz she said she needs to love herself?

What can space do for a couple that breaks up? Even if they break up cuz she said she needs space?


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  • Yeah, being away from someone who you've had constant access to for a while can either allow you to appreciate them more or can show you that you didn't actually care for them as strongly as you thought you did. It depends


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  • Right, that's a tough one, it depends on how you personally use the time apart, if you spend that time moping and thinking of ways to win her back, you will probably never get her back because you will look like you can't function without her. However if you use that time to do the things you enjoy, better your own life, become a strong me, not a we, then you will peak her interest and she will come back to you, it usually takes months, sometimes even years, but hey, if she doesn't end up coming back you won't care because you're doing your own thing

    • But what if you really love her. Yea I made mistakes. An it took a lot of time for me to realize how good I had it

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    • Whoa... So I should jus fall back.

    • Right, what I did was mope around eating and sleeping the bare minimum for weeks, it wasn't healthy and it wasn't attractive, then I started to worry, what if she's with someone already? Then I heard she had slept with a guy from work (turns out not to be true) so I went to her house while he was there, kicked off at them both, she took me to the doorway and basically said "please, don't do this right now", "so what if I am", and "I don't want to talk now, well talk tomorrow". I had tears pissing down my cheeks and headbutted the wall next to her (never been violent to or around a girl other than that), but then I just left, feeling sick, powerless and pathetic, I literally hit rock bottom, destroyed any possibility of getting her back under normal circumstances, but with time apart and then taking careful meticulous steps I have come such a long way, and we have talked a lot, she wants me back but is scared I'll do the same again. (I was a player before her so that won't happen)

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  • To be honest, if one party demands space aka time to stay away from the other person, then I wouldn't necessarily count on it being a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship. So while you might get together, this reeks of incompatibility.


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