Continue to ignore him or not?

I had to move away temporarily for my job, again, this was a temporary gig, and only for 6 months, 1500 miles from home. My bf of 3 years began to dismiss my calls and texts after 2 months. He never initiated calling or texing me. I stopped just to see how long it would take him, and it took 8 days before he sent a text that read "hi".

Oftentimes he'd answer with "k". I. e., How was the meeting? "K". How is your mom? "K". I tried on many occasions to express how he is hurting me. He never made any changes tho. One day, I snapped. I told him that I am blocking his number, told him that his behavior indicates that he isn't in love w me, and/or he's found someone else. He replied w "k". I complety forgot that I said I was going to block him, and the next day he sent a text that said "hi". I told him that i want nothing to do w him, that he is childish for his age (35) and it is best to ho our own ways, that we are at diff stages of life, that He still lives in a 1 br apt, Etc and I want the house w picket fence, a family, etc and I do not appreciate how he's been acting lately. he replied that he's done w me and will be blocking me, I told him that I will do the same, and I did. Its been 2 weeks now, and just today, I am finally back in town to stay. wouldn't u know, he sent me an email asking if I want to meet him out.

Should I get dolled up ( I've list weighf and look amazing) and meet him, only to tell him I am over him, should I go and give him a piece of my mind... or shoukd I block him from email and not reply?


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  • Hell no, find another guy.
    by the way ignoring hurt more than words.


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