Is it over between us? :(?

I saw my boyfriend tonight and everything was going great. We were in the mood and everything. I didn't know how to ride him therefore I didn't. Then he told me. I was turning him off and I should get off.
Next thing I know he asks me. if I've had sex 3 times a day and I said yeah with the last guy I was with but that was a one time thing and me and him weren't together @the time. Then he started saying how I'm basically a hoe & he told me. to get out of his car. I couldn't get out because my shorts weren't on and neither were my shoes. He kept trying to rush me to get out of his car and I told him I couldn't because I needed to put my shorts on then he said "I don't care! Put your shorts on outside!" so I slid my shorts on and I needed to get my shoes which were on his side of the door and I asked him if he could get out the other way because there's a different door he could use and he wanted to use the side I was on because it was closer to my bed. So I asked him to pass me my shoe and he pushes the door open and tosses my shoes out of his car into the street. then I got out , , grabbed my shoes, and he drove off fast.
Yesterday was our 2 month and he dumped me last time on our one month :( I dont want to read any of my messages so I snoozed it for 2 days.

Should I just assume its over? I deleted his number and everything :( I'm just so upset. . .
He has a car and he drove out here to see me :(


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  • the question really should be do you really want to be with a man that treats you badly by calling you names and kicking you out of the car almost naked in the middle of the night and doesn't seem to be able to rationally discus things with out blowing up, I'm just saying he has already left you once on the anniversary of the first month here is the second month and it seems to be the same or at least close to the same thing again do you really want that for a man, and to be treated that way when you probably know you can do better and that you deserve better. I'm just saying it doesn't make much since to me to keep going in this destructive way you don't deserve that. Do you think you deserve to be treated disrespectfully and wrong like that?

    • Why were you two trying have sex it in the care anyways don't you or him have a bed or the ability to rent a room? I'm just saying it in every way that your story depicts it don't seem like a good situation and he doesn't seem like that good a man to treat you that way.

    • I was actually sneaking out to see him :/ But yeah. . . I know it's over between us because he really treated me like shit like I was nothing. . . :(

    • That's what I'm saying should you really feel bad about it what are you really giving up. the answer is nothin much.

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  • Are you serious? So many things wrong with this question. Smh.

    Anyways, yes it's over. But that's actually a good thing. This guy would cause nothing but harm to you. Basically what I'm saying is, he's a douche.

  • tell him I said fuck you and you should too.


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  • Wtf, he has a car bed or something? I'm confused.

    Anyways, you're upset over someone who's treating you like that? Oo, baby. Let it go.

    • he has a car and drove out to see me :(

    • Oh well that was nice but yeah fuck him, he's lame. Don't let it get to you.

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