How can I cope with suddenly losing my best friend (ex boyfriend) after a break up?

I've been feeling really sad for the past 2 months since I split with my bf. This was the first guy I've been with since my last ex 4 years ago coz I trusted him and could see a future. I had to move back home and we were long distance.

He was diagnosed with anxiety last yr and it's been something he was actively trying to seek help for.

We ended up fighting a lot because he never wanted to discuss and solve our issues. He likes to deal with conflicts by pretending they don't exist. When I tried to resolve issues with him we would talk somewhat about them but never come to a resolution and because of that I'm still left upset and it causes him more anxiety. He's come so far with fighting against this condition and I think us fighting made things worse for him and he wanted to distance himself for a few days (we talked every day). In the end I was left really upset in the relationship because our issues that needed to be resolved were still present. He told me he didn't know how to solve our issues even tho they were solvable but he seemed to have given up. I don't know if that was because he was stressed with study and his anxiety etc or if he really didn't care about my feelings. I broke it off because I knew we were just spirally down and he wasn't willing to help me put a stop to this. I ended it despite not wanting to coz I still loved him.

He never tried to contact me once I ended the call. He never replied to my apology email explaining to him why I ended it despite the fact that I still care for him and that I hope we could be friends. I miss him terribly. He was my best friend for the year and then I lost him all of a sudden. Even though I can't be with him as a gf I still want us to be friends. I msgd him the other day asking how he is. He responded saying he still has anxiety but it's mainly under control and that I don't need to worry about him anymore. I told him I want to still be there for him but he never replied.
He also has blocked me on fb even though I never post anything on there. This shocked me coz he said he never deletes people off fb and he also talked to his ex gfs who cheated and dumped him for a few months after the break up yet he didn't with me.


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  • Move on. Erase him completely. By the way, I have anxiety and it is NOT an excuse for not confronting your problems.

    Then go out with friends and attempt to make yourself happy.



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  • u should forget him anymore


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